Discover Oaxaca by bike

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Discover Oaxaca by bike

Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures

On a bicycle tour explore the colonial towns, local life and beautiful countryside of Oaxaca, Mexico.

This nine day biking holiday will take you to one of Mexico's most complete tourist destinations. Visit the beaches, mountains, valleys, pre-Colombian villages and cities of the state of Oaxaca . Become familiar with the traditions and folklore while biking the state. See San Bartolo Coyotepec, where the famous Oaxaca black pottery is produced. Be welcomed by the locals as you bicycle through the old towns and villages. If you like bicycling and history, this is the tour for you.

Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures


Eco Education Adventures

Suggested Itinerary:
The itinerary can be changed to suit your group's needs. Just let us know what you'd like to do.

  • Day 1 Arrive at Oaxaca Airport

    After arrival at the Oaxaca airport you will be taken to your hotel. Oaxaca city is located in the center of the central district of the State; in the southern part of the country. This city is home to the Zapotec and Mixtec people and has more people who speak indigenous languages than any other Mexican state.

  • Day 2 Oaxaca - Monte Albán - Oaxaca

    Bicycle 5.6 miles from Oaxaca to Monte Albán, a large pre-Columbian archaeological site located on a low mountainous range rising above the plain in the central section of the Valley of Oaxaca. After visiting the site you will bike to Atzompa town to watch the production of green clay handicrafts. Browse the market and stores before biking 16 miles back to Oaxaca.

    In the afternoon you will visit the Santo Domingo Church , next to the Santo Domingo Ex-Convent and Cultural Center, and arguably the most impressive church in Mexico. Across from the church, at the corner of Alcalá and Cinco de Mayo Street, is a large esplanade where rows and rows of an unusual desert succulent grow. The Temple and ex-convent of Santo Domingo have been the seat of the Dominican Order in Oaxaca since the 16th century. If you book this over the first of November you can enjoy the rituals of the Day of the Dead – an important holiday in all of Mexico

  • Day 3 Oaxaca - San Antonio Arrazola - Oaxaca

    Bike to San Antonio Arrazola to see the wonderful wooden handicrafts produced here. Then bike to Cuilapam to visit another impressive church. Continue your bike tour to Zaachila to enjoy the lively market. Next a visit to the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec to see where the famous Oaxaca black pottery is produced. Finally return to Oaxaca.

  • Day 4 Oaxaca - Santa María del Tule - Mitla

    Bicycle about 5.6 miles to Santa María del Tule to see a giant tree located on the church grounds in the center of the city. The tree is called Montezuma Cypress ( Taxodium mucronatum ) or Ahuehuete in the Nahuatl language. After, bike to Teotitlan del Valle where colorful handicrafts are produced. Later bike to Mitla town and check-in to the hotel. Visit the archeological sites located in the town, which is famous for its pre-Columbian Mesoamerican buildings. Stay overnight in Mitla.

  • Day 5 Mitla - Xaaga - Mitla

    Bicycle to Hierve el Agua,a unique attraction of petrified waterfalls in the mountains. Bike to Xaaga to see prehistoric murals painted in the mountains. Bicycle back to Mitla.

  • Day 6 Mitla - Tlacolula - Oaxaca

    Bicycle back towards Oaxaca, stopping in the quaint town of Tlacolula, to shop the market. Stay overnight in Hotel Francia.

  • Day 7 Oaxaca - Ixtlan

    Bicycle to the town of Ixtlan. After the first 10.5 miles there is a 6.8 mile hill climb to La Cumbre. For those of you who wish to skip the hill climb there will be a van to take you up. After that it's downhill at the la Cumbre,. Just before Ixtlan there is another uphill climb. At the top you arrive at Ecoturixtlan and can rest and relax in the mountain cabins. On your ride you will passing the town of Guelatao, where Benito Juarez was born. He was Mexico's George Washington.

  • Day 8 Ixtlan - Oaxaca

    Bicycle from Ixtlan to Oaxaca. You will cycle downhill, then a climb up a steep hill, and finally bicycle downhill again. (Van support will be available to those who require it). Arrive in Oaxaca and overnight in the Francia Hotel.

  • Day 9 Departure

    Return to the airport by van for your flight home.



    DEPARTS: SEPTEMBER OCTOBER. Please contact for specific dates

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    Eco Education Adventures

    Airport pick up and return, land transportation, personalized attention, professional bilingual guides, all biologists or naturalists, equipment and entrance fees, meals according to itinerary.

    Beverages, laundry, optional tours, personal expenses, airfare.

    Comfortable clothes and shoes, biodegradable insect repellant and sun screen, hat, swimsuit, camera.

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