Backpacking Tour Mexico, Guatemala, Belize

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Backpacking Tour Mexico, Guatemala, Belize

Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures

Experience adventure by backpacking in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. A once in a lifetime trip while immersing yourself in Mayan culture. Spend 2 months enjoying the beauty of Central America

You will spend two months hiking the Mayan jungle, kayaking the wetlands, and snorkeling the coral reefs. Take boat trips into the protected areas of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize that few will ever see. Snorkel and dive the world's second largest reef and unique cenotes ( a deep natural well or sinkhole ) and underground rivers. Rappel into caves, zip line across the jungle, and bike little travelled paths.

This tour is designed for students who want to take a break from their studies or see some of the world before starting a career.

As well as the natural beauty of the flora of these 3 countries you will also see the fauna such as crocodiles, monkeys, flamingos, dolphins, whale sharks, mantas, iguanas, and more.

Learn more about the history of the Mayans at the archaeological sites of Tikal in Guatemala; Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Palenque in Mexico.

Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures Eco Education Adventures


Eco Education Adventures

Suggested Itinerary:
The itinerary can be changed to suit your group's needs. Just let us know what you'd like to do.

  • Day 1

    Arrive in Cancun and receive a welcome and briefing on the trip. Your guides will go over the health and safety precautions with you. Check-in to the hostel and have time to explore Cancun.

  • Day 2

    Have a bike ride to the beach where you can enjoy the coral sand and turquoise Caribbean. Later have your first Spanish lesson (Spanish book included). Second night in Cancun.

  • Day 3

    Bike ride to the ferry in Puerto Juarez for a day on Isla Mujeres – Island of Women. Do a bicycle tour of the island and snorkel the reef. Return to Cancun by ferry and then bike to Cancun for your Spanish lesson. Third night in Cancun.

  • Day 4

    Free day. Fourth night in Cancun.

  • Day 5

    Travel to Playa del Carmen where we take the ferry to Cozumel. Check-in to the hostel. Explore the island on your own. First night on Cozumel.

  • Day 6

    PADI scuba diving certification course first day. Visit the Cozumel museum and bicycle to Playa Azul for beach time. Spanish lesson. Second night on Cozumel.

  • Day 7

    PADI certification course . Do an optional snorkel trip. Spanish lesson. Third night on Cozumel.

  • Day 8

    Finish PADI certification. Bicycle to Mezcalito Beach. Spanish lesson. Fourth night on Cozumel. Certification party!

  • Day 9

    Take the ferry to Playa del Carmen and drive to Nuevo Durango ( in the southern part of Quintana Roo ) to start the next part of your adventure. Visit the insect museum and receive an introduction into the caves. At dusk watch the swallows return to a small well for the night. First night in a rustic cabin in the community.

  • Day 10

    Rappel into two caves to study the formations - stalactites and stalagmites. Swim in a crystal clear cenote. In the evening have a game of basketball with the locals. Spanish lesson. Second night in the community.

  • Day 11

    Drive to the colonial city of Merida. On the way, stop to swim in the cenote - Yokdzonot – near Chichen Itza. On to Merida to check in at Nomadas hostel. First night in Merida.

  • Day 12

    Have a tour of Merida City and a visit to the traditional handicrafts market. Spanish lesson. Free time in the evening. Second night in Merida

  • Day 13

    Visit the Regional Anthropology Museum and Montejo Av. Spanish lesson. Third night in Merida.

  • Day 14

    Free day. Time to do personal things like check e-mails, laundry, etc. You can do an optional cenotes and Haciendas tour. Spanish lesson. Fourth night in Merida.

  • Day 15

    Travel to Campeche. Check-in at the hostel. Take a tour of this beautiful colonial city, declared humanity's heritage by UNESCO in 1999. First night in Campeche.

  • Day 16

    Free day. Second night in Campeche

  • Day 17

    Jog to the fort at Baluarte, San Miguel. Visit the Mayan culture museum. Spanish lesson. Free evening. Third night in Campeche.

  • Day 18

    Fishing trip. Free afternoon. Fourth night in Campeche.

  • Day 19

    Day trip to Palenque. Free evening. First night in Palenque.

  • Day 20

    Visit Palenque's archaeological site and museum. You can do an optional tour to the Misol-Ha waterfalls. Spanish lesson. Second night in Palenque.

  • Day 21

    Travel to San Cristobal de Las Casas. Stop at Agua Azul waterfalls - one of Mexico's treasured landmarks. First night in San Cristobal.

  • Day 22

    Visit the Cathedral and Santo Domingo temple. Tour the city and stop at the handicrafts market. Free evening. Second night in San Cristobal.

  • Day 23

    Visit the town of San Juan Chamula and enjoy the fusion of Mayan and Catholic rituals. Spanish lesson. Third night in San Cristobal.

  • Day 24

    Travel to Las Cotorras at the Montes Azules biosphere reserve. Enter a rural community and learn about their past. First night in Las Cotorras.

  • Day 25

    Enjoy a day of hiking, practicing archery and visiting Las Cotorras. Spanish lesson. Second night in Las Cotorras.

  • Day 26

    Travel to Frontera Corozal, Chiapas and take a boat ride to La Tecnica. A bus ride takes you to Flores, Guatemala. First night in Flores.

  • Day 27

    Visit the Church of our Lady of Ascencion where locals worship the Black Christ of Peten. Take a boat to ARCAS, a veterinarian facility managed by volunteers from all over the world. Party at Roots Bar with a special welcome to Guatemala. Second night in Flores.

  • Day 28

    Head off early to enjoy Tikal in the mist. Enjoy the wildlife that runs free at the archaeological site. Spanish lesson. Third night in Flores.

  • Day 29

    Travel to the national park of Ixpanpajuil. Set up camp then hike and zip-line through the jungle. You can also choose an optional Sky Walk and horseback riding. First night in the park.

  • Day 30

    Visit the Mesoamerican archaeological site of Yaxha and on to San Ignacio, Belize. First night in San Ignacio Cayo, Belize.

  • Day 31

    Take a city tour. Spanish lesson. Second night in San Ignacio.

  • Day 32

    Walk to the archaeological site of Cahal Pech for a tour. Spanish lesson. Third night in San Ignacio.

  • Day 33

    Canoe the Macal River for wildlife observation like birds, iguanas and more! Fourth night in San Ignacio.

  • Day 34

    Physical conditioning for the next leg of the tour. Travel to Barton Creek Outpost, canoe to the cave, set up camp and relax. Spanish lesson. Do an optional night cave tour. First night camping.

  • Day 35

    Physically challenging activities are available. Take self guided tours through the jungle. You can do optional, but not included, activities such as horseback riding, high profile hiking to climb a 700 ft. waterfall and climbing down into a cave to see Mayan remains. Spanish lesson. Second night camping.

  • Day 36

    Travel back to San Ignacio. On the way visit the Big Rock Cascade waterfalls. Check-in to the hostel. Free evening. First night in San Ignacio.

  • Day 37

    Free day. Time to do personal things like check e-mails, laundry, etc. Second night in San Ignacio

  • Day 38

    Travel to Chetumal. Check-in at the hostel in Mexico. First night in Chetumal.

  • Day 39

    Physical Conditioning. Bus ride to Kantemo to visit the bat caves. First night camping by the lagoon.

  • Day 40

    Bicycle back to town. Breakfast at the market in Jose Ma. Morelos on the way to Tulum. Check-in at the Tulum hostel. First night in Tulum.

  • Day 41

    Physical Conditioning. Bicycle to the Tankah cenote. Swim and enjoy these centuries old geological formations. Spanish lesson. Second night in Tulum.

  • Day 42

    Physical Conditioning. Day off to relax at the beach and attend to personal matters. Third night in Tulum.

  • Day 43

    Physical Conditioning. Visit the famous Tulum ruins. Bicycle back to town. Spanish lesson. Fourth night in Tulum.

  • Day 44

    Physical conditioning. Travel to Valladolid with a stop to visit the archaeological site of Coba where you can climb the highest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula. Swim in the Cenote Cho Ha. Check-in at the Valladolid hostel. First night in Valladolid.

  • Day 45

    Bicycle to the X'keken cenote in the town of Dzitnup, arguably the most famous cenote in the world. Spanish lesson. Free evening. Second night in Valladolid.

  • Day 46

    Visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World - Chichen Itza. Later swim in the cenote that is 27 meters underground in the town of Kawa. Spanish lesson. Third night in Valladolid.

  • Day 47

    Physical conditioning. City tour to visit the 457 years old monastery, the church, the Government Palace and the Main Square. Spanish lesson. Fourth night in Valladolid.

  • Day 48

    Bicycle through the jungle to Ek Balam. Check-in at the hostel and go for a swim in the cenotes. Spanish lesson. First night in Ek Balam.

  • Day 49

    Physical conditioning. Travel to Rio Lagartos to see flamingos and return to Ek Balam's ruins. Second night in Ek Balam.

  • Day 50

    Rappel and zip line at cenote Xcanche. Take public transportation to Playa del Carmen. Walk along 5th avenue to take in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of "Playa". First night in Playa del Carmen.

  • Day 51

    Free day to enjoy Playa del Carmen's beaches and the town. Second night in Playa del Carmen.

  • Day 52

    Farewell party in Playa del Carmen.

  • Day 53 - 59

    Optional activities in Playa del Carmen. You will be given the choices once there.

  • Day 60

    Transfer to the Cancun Airport. Thanks for joining us.

  • DURATION OF TOUR: 60 days


    DEPARTS: ALL YEAR. Please contact for specific dates

    Inclusions, Exclusions, Required, Suggestions

    Eco Education Adventures

    Airport pick up and return, land transportation, personalized attention, professional bilingual guides, all biologists or naturalists, equipment (kayaks, bicycles, boats, snorkel gear), entrance fees, meals according to itinerary.

    Beverages, laundry, optional tours, personal expenses, airfare.

    Comfortable clothes and shoes, biodegradable insect repellant and sun screen, hat, swimsuit.

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